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As a company we do manufacture and export to well known companies in Turkey and out of country. Our product line t shirts, sweatshirts, dresses, tights, shorts and etc plus promotional textiles to teams and companies. But it is not limited with these knitted items. Our office and factory located in Istanbul, turkey.
Founded in 1993 and a leading shirt manufacturer and exporter, Zevigas designs and manufactures high-quality shirts for women and men under its own brand name and for the globally known clothing brands. With years of experience and knowledge, Zevigas offers high-quality service to its customers. • Extensive Fabric Supply Network • High Production Capacity – 1.2 million pcs/year • In-house washing • High Technology Machinery Park • Quality Control System
ABN Company is manufacturer of Textile products in Turkey. We manufacture woman hand bags,towels and bathrobes. We established at 2008. Our main principle is customer satisfaction. We would like establish strong business relationships with you. Best Regards
TASAN CLOTHING started in 1995 with a small clothing workshop in Istanbul The company made the steps slowly but emphatically in the women's textile market. TASAN BLUZ, the appreciation of the Turkish Young Woman, was presented to the women of the world and received great acceptance. At Tasan modest dress, quality fabrics, the attention given to detail in the hands of master designers and with care in sewing turns fabric into art.
We are a French design house based in Miami – US and have a manufacturing branch in the heart if high quality textile industry based in Istanbul- Turkey. We provide end to end services to our customer to create the best quality clothing line: • COLLECTION PREPARATION: We mainly have an awarded French Fashion Designer, who help to put your ideas in draft, draw the line sketches and prepare the tech packs for each of the model. • PATTERN & SAMPLE CREATION: We help you to source the right components: fabric and accessories We design the pattern of every model in digital and paper according your wish and do the grading. We develop with the high care every samples to be the perfect one before you launch your manufacturing. • SMALL QUANTITY MANUFACTURING And finally, we manufacture from small quantity with high quality to medium and high quantity according the size of your business and your demand with very attractive prices comparing the quality provided. Our Manufacturing team are more than 25 years experienced in Haute Couture & High-End Clothing Line Realization. Please Feel free to get in Contact with us to get more details about the references and discuss further about your project We worked with many type of customer doing different type of business : men , women & kids clothing, outdoor sports clothing, women underwear and pijamas , school uniforms . We are sure we can help you to make your collection UNIQUE
Women, men, children, ready-to-wear products design, manufacture and export are our duty. we work with our team, open to innovation. We manufacture and supply oversize, clothing, oversize woman clothing, oversize dress, oversize jacket, oversize jeans, oversize t-shirt, oversize tricot, oversize vest, oversize tunic.. ready desposable medical supplyes like masks, gloves, full suit, grown, full protection for covid-19 with CE approval, surgical masks, 3 ply mask, we are turkish companies that manufacture Face Mask Anti-Virus Facial Mask and other components for the COVID19. medical mask, face masks, ffp2 mask, ffp2 masks
Ozman Medical is established in 2018, producing Medical apparel and high-quality disposable Medical products for personal protection. Ozman Medical has received all certification in Medical field with the help of Ozman’s quarter century experience in mass production and certification. We also continuously develop new products based on the needs of users from worldwide, combining our apparel background to help the individuals and medical professionals. We inspect and test all our products before export in accordance to the country’s standard. Various type of medical masks, gown and overalls as well as single use duvet sets for hospitals and hotels are in wide range of Ozman Medical’s products. We produce with 350 people over 4500 square meters, mainly for export to Europe and America. We, as Ozman Medical, periodically test our products with worldwide accredited laboratories to have secured results.
SecilStore, which has adopted the principle of quality and reliable service, has offered its online sales store to your interest and appreciation in order to catch the fast and easy shopping trend which is required by modern time and to establish closer relations with your esteemed customers. As SecilStore, our primary goal is to get to know you better and determine your shopping needs in this direction. In this direction, our esteemed members of SecilStore will have the privilege of becoming a member of a much larger family and reaching a wide range of products with new brands and images increasing day by day.
Sementa Textile is one of the leading premium and high quality men/women ready wear and underwear producers in Turkey. We produce large and diverse variety of products under our own brands. Furthermore, we do private label production for Turkey's very known brands. We also export our products overseas beside private label products for brands in different countries. Our selection of the best yarn and fabrics, modern designs, high quality control standards, fine finishing and reasonable prices is the reason of our success over 45 years. History : Sementa launched in 1974, producing ready wear. In 1990, it first served with the work of its tricot machines and in 1992 it became the locomotive of the tricot sectors of Ankara and Turkey. Today: Sementa textile has been a trusted address for ready wear,tricot, sport clothing and underwear productions because of its quality and service understanding using the possibility of the last technology. Sementa Textile garment departments take great care in all stages of production. Their hard working and precision quality control, rise of success chart which product in factory. It serves to its consumers with its expert management staff and 600 personel. In these technological tracks, ready wear department capacity is 1.200.000, underwear capacity is over 1.5 million and tricot department capacity is 600.000 pieces in a year. Sementa The company is keeping a close eye to World fashion trends and with the help of its creative designs following these trends together, it reflects its own line o its productions. Recently, Sementa sets up retail shops under its brand name all over Turkey. reaching 22 stores (Istanbul, Ankara, Kirikkale, Samsun, Konya, Antalya, Bursa, Malatya, Kayseri) and number yet to rise. We are also looking forward to launch overseas stores in the near future by cooperating with solid local partners in these countries.
Mimya is a project designed to create a world brand by feeding from this geography by using knowledge, experience and knowledge in textile sector .. Mimya's adventure began in Bomonti, known as the heart of Turkish textile in 2014. The company sought to bring the conservative woman together with modern lines that she needed daily, or even in business. Mimya is distinguished among other designer brands by its superior fabric and sewing quality as well as the unique designs and designs that are specially designed for Mimya every season, as well as the strengths of production and pieces in contrast to many brands.